Clean oil? What is clean oil and is there even such a thing? Clean oil is oil mined in an "ecofriendly way" if there was such a thing. I am completely against the new oil pipeline. I know it will help the economy by creating new jobs, but is damaging our already fragile ecosystem really worth it. Money should be spent on creating new ways to manage sun power and wind mills. We as humans can only destroy so much before karma comes back and gets us. The United States should be the first country to make a stance against polluting our earth. If we stand by and do nothing, nothing will be done. We are the next generation and we can start by making a difference. I believe that if we don't stop pollution and global warming things will happen  like in the movie "The Day After Tommorow" and no one wants that. If we do nothing the earth will have to correct itself somehow, so lets make a change and save our home.

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