Technology is a good thing? Many people think it is, but is it really? Technology has brought us many great things like television, automobiles, and iPhones. Everyone agrees that these are good things. They help us connect with the world around us, know what is going on, and even let us communicate with people we aren't with. How would we be if we still didn't have the radio or electricity? How could that effect our daily lives? I think technology is a good thing and has helped shape our society. 
Although I think technology is good there is also a darker side to it. Technology has created planes but it has also created the atom bomb and chemical warfare. With every new good thing we created a new bad thing is also created. Everyday scientists create new ways to kill people, faster and better ways. Without technology although we would be oblivious to the world around us, we would also be safe from nuclear warfare and chemically created diseases.

05/10/2013 9:24pm

I have to say, this is the best way to explain this. That is very true Samantha! You know, technology is a very good thing, and is also helpful, but if we think about it... It can also cause damage, and trouble, just like it did long ago. I truley agree with you.


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