Today I did the Galileo Reading II it was okay I only did the first 20 questions. I was kind of frustrated because I missed one and I couldn't figure out which one it was. Other than that I thought it was as good as tests can be.Testing doesn't really stress me out that much I know some tests can have a big impact but it doesn't make me feel pressured at all, but then again I've never really taken a life changing test before so maybe I'll be pressured then. I don't really like tests because they mess up my schedule and I never really feel done. I hate how while I'm taking them they make me feel like I'm making a bunch of mistakes and I get my scores and I only missed a couple or something like that. That the worst part of testing for me the unknowing. I want to know how everything is before it happens so I don't feel surprised when I get the results. My ideal test would be to work together with others on it not to cheat but to discuss and get their opinions to so I feel better prepared for how to answer. The tests should give us the questions and let us discuss how we would do it as a group maybe a day before testing so we know what to expect and feel prepared. 

01/23/2013 12:00pm

I feel like that during testing too.


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