Last week I participated in a field trip to sea camp. Several other student and I traveled to San Diego to stay on an island for three days. During that time we had many fun experiences. On the first day we boogie boarding which was a lot of fun. We had to wear wet suits because the water was so cold. Also we went snorkeling which was very interesting, we learned lots about marine animals. There were two giant sea hares that we saw with their eggs. They are now one of my favorite animals.  We also had many labs where we dissected fish and squid. I learned many different things about the different species and their latin names.
    Another thing we did was tide pooling which was really cool. I found an octopus and many starfish and other interesting animals. I learned starfish can regrow limbs into other starfish. On the last day we went to Sea World which was a nice end to an awesome trip.


03/05/2013 8:54pm

It sounds like you had a tun of fun. I wish i would've went. It sounds very interesting. Its a good way to learn but have fun at the same time to. I would have loved going to sea camp to!

03/16/2013 6:40pm

Sounds like a fun time! I would've loved to go and learn more about everything there, glad you had a great experience though!


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