School lunches nutrition versus taste. Well I have to say that our school lunches are very nasty. We have remotely the same thing everyday and it is very boring and tasteless. I have a very hard time believing that tasteless, greasy pizza and smushy, half molded grapes and nutritious. To me taste matters more than anything in a meal, what is the point in eating something that tastes horrible? I think that school food should be that way to. Just because they are trying to make us healthy means nothing, especially when this food is nasty and frozen for months before use. How is that healthy?  
To fix this problem I think people need to think outside the box. There are many tasty healthy foods that are good for people and taste amazing. Our schools need to stop being penny pinchers and spend money to feed their kids. Sometimes at home kids have no food and they only get meals at school so they should be very good meals that they don't need to worry about making sure they aren't eating anything nasty. This is important for all school to read this and understand that taste is the most important factor in food.

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