When creating a podcast one must first think of a topic to interest readers and begin brainstorming. A script should be created so each person who speaks knows exactly what and when they will be talking. Everyone should be given an individual task and stick to it to help the efficiancy of their group. After everyone is assigned their part and knows what they will be saying then it is time to record. Make sure to use the primary device to increase chances of the audio being legible and pleasuralbe to hear. If desired one might pair pictures to accompany the audio to create more understanding of the listener. While the audio is being recorded make sure there is absolute silence so the speakers are not interrupted. This will eliminate background noise and allow the speaker to speak freely without fear of interuption. After audio is recorded you may add sound effects or music as wanted or needed to your podcast. When finished with all this you may then publish your podcast live for listeners everywhere to hear, learn fro

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