Online safety is a very important thing to know about and be aware of. It will help you to understand how to be a safe responsible internet citizen. This will help you stay away from creeps and bad people out to get you on the internet. Internet safety will help you to remain safe and very informed in your digital life. To remain an internet safe being you must make sure you never put any information that can be used to find or contact you in the real world. It also helps to be aware when people may ask you personal questions on internet chat sites and other communication websites. Never answer these questions to detailed, because you don't want a creeper to know to much personal information about you. Also you may not want your full name anywhere as it can lead to people learning to much about you. Lastly it is best not to trust anything people say on the internet it may not be true, for example a forty year old man could say he was a thirteen year old girl.
Parents and teachers can help their children and students understand this by correctly informing them about the dangers of the internet. It is important for children to know as much as possible if they intend to help inform others of the importance of internet safety. There are many ways parents, teachers and other adults can inform anyone about the ways to remain safe of the internet. These are some very good well brought tips to help you and to help you inform others of the importance of internet safety.

05/07/2013 7:32pm

Look at how easy it is for young people to be tricked into this kind of stuff.... The thing about the video is that this is the kind of thing that happens way too often. If you showed this to every parent maybe everyone would be safe... But we know just how impossible that is.
Good find.

05/08/2013 2:22am

I totally agree with you on this Sammy! If people aren't careful, they could end up in a bad situation. Usually that results in someone or something being harmed. Whether this is physically or mentally, it isn't a good thing. And we definitely do NOT want that, do we? :)

I also love this video, it's informational and a wonderful resource. Parents everywhere should see it and use this knowledge to help their children be safe online. But this videos also a little bit scary, knowing that can happen if you aren't careful online.


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