What does it mean to be an innovator? How can someone be innovative? Innovation is to have new, fresh and different ideas. People who I find innovative are Steve Jobs, Martian Luther King Jr., and my eighth grade English teacher Mrs. Fields. They are people who think and see the world differently with new possibilities. This last couple days in class we have been defining the word "crazy." When people think of that world they most often think of serial killers and psychopaths, but lately in light of these new thoughts I have begun to realize that there is different kinds of crazy. Crazy means to see the world differently in ways others do not. I have decided that it is not a bad thing to be crazy, people who innovate are often considered crazy. And this is not a bad thing, because it is okay to be different and have your ideas change the world.  


03/26/2013 7:10pm

I agree with you that Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs were very innovative people. They were considered "crazy" during their era, but what they were doing made a huge difference in society.


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