Everyone is born with five senses. They are; hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell. These senses are very important to exploring and observing your world. All of these components are important in living the way that we do and they are incorporated into everyday life. How could you drive if you couldn't see the traffic lights? What would you do if you couldn't hear music? What would you eat if your couldn't taste your food? These are just a few ways senses help us in our daily lives.
If I had to lose one of my senses it would have to be my sense of smell. I would still be able to listen to music and hear the world around me. I could still see everything happening and not have to miss the sight of a blue sky or the green grass. I would also be able to still feel the softness of a dogs fur and feel the roughness of sandpaper. Lastly I could still taste my food. Unfortunately I would need to give up smelling the air after the rain, or the smell of new shoes. When you give something up you will lose something in return. What would you give up?

05/15/2013 6:53am

I think giving up your smell would be a great idea. But, i would give up my sight. Because I like to smell things like food! If i lose my sense of smell I would be able to smell food. Smelling food is usually how i know if the food is good or no!

05/16/2013 1:47pm

I've thought about every sense, and to be honest, smell and taste are very situational, and are in my opinion the least important of the five senses. I had to choose between smell and taste.

After thinking about it for quite a while I have decided that I would give up taste before smell. Taste is just such an up-front sense, like touch. If you have something in your mouth that probably isn't good for you and it doesn't taste good, you spit it out; but if it smells bad or looks revolting then you probably won't eat it in the first place. In this case you won't even use your sense of taste.


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