The story "Lottery" by Shirley Jackson is about a village in a forest and in that village they have everyone pick a piece of paper from a black box. When everyone has picked their paper then they open them. If they are the one with the black spot someone in their family gets stoned to death. This story is really sick and twisted and shows that people take any excuse to be barbaric. In the end of the story a women named Tessie gets stoned to death and her own husband and children help with the stoning. My comic, shows the beginning, middle, and end of the story from my point of view. First it shows Mr. Summers and Tessie after she arrives late. This foreshadows that something bad is going to happen. The second slide shows her family being drawn, she is very upset and argues it is not fair. Lastly it shows everyone getting ready to stone her to death.
Everyone is born with five senses. They are; hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell. These senses are very important to exploring and observing your world. All of these components are important in living the way that we do and they are incorporated into everyday life. How could you drive if you couldn't see the traffic lights? What would you do if you couldn't hear music? What would you eat if your couldn't taste your food? These are just a few ways senses help us in our daily lives.
If I had to lose one of my senses it would have to be my sense of smell. I would still be able to listen to music and hear the world around me. I could still see everything happening and not have to miss the sight of a blue sky or the green grass. I would also be able to still feel the softness of a dogs fur and feel the roughness of sandpaper. Lastly I could still taste my food. Unfortunately I would need to give up smelling the air after the rain, or the smell of new shoes. When you give something up you will lose something in return. What would you give up?
School lunches nutrition versus taste. Well I have to say that our school lunches are very nasty. We have remotely the same thing everyday and it is very boring and tasteless. I have a very hard time believing that tasteless, greasy pizza and smushy, half molded grapes and nutritious. To me taste matters more than anything in a meal, what is the point in eating something that tastes horrible? I think that school food should be that way to. Just because they are trying to make us healthy means nothing, especially when this food is nasty and frozen for months before use. How is that healthy?  
To fix this problem I think people need to think outside the box. There are many tasty healthy foods that are good for people and taste amazing. Our schools need to stop being penny pinchers and spend money to feed their kids. Sometimes at home kids have no food and they only get meals at school so they should be very good meals that they don't need to worry about making sure they aren't eating anything nasty. This is important for all school to read this and understand that taste is the most important factor in food.
Online safety is a very important thing to know about and be aware of. It will help you to understand how to be a safe responsible internet citizen. This will help you stay away from creeps and bad people out to get you on the internet. Internet safety will help you to remain safe and very informed in your digital life. To remain an internet safe being you must make sure you never put any information that can be used to find or contact you in the real world. It also helps to be aware when people may ask you personal questions on internet chat sites and other communication websites. Never answer these questions to detailed, because you don't want a creeper to know to much personal information about you. Also you may not want your full name anywhere as it can lead to people learning to much about you. Lastly it is best not to trust anything people say on the internet it may not be true, for example a forty year old man could say he was a thirteen year old girl.
Parents and teachers can help their children and students understand this by correctly informing them about the dangers of the internet. It is important for children to know as much as possible if they intend to help inform others of the importance of internet safety. There are many ways parents, teachers and other adults can inform anyone about the ways to remain safe of the internet. These are some very good well brought tips to help you and to help you inform others of the importance of internet safety.
Technology is a good thing? Many people think it is, but is it really? Technology has brought us many great things like television, automobiles, and iPhones. Everyone agrees that these are good things. They help us connect with the world around us, know what is going on, and even let us communicate with people we aren't with. How would we be if we still didn't have the radio or electricity? How could that effect our daily lives? I think technology is a good thing and has helped shape our society. 
Although I think technology is good there is also a darker side to it. Technology has created planes but it has also created the atom bomb and chemical warfare. With every new good thing we created a new bad thing is also created. Everyday scientists create new ways to kill people, faster and better ways. Without technology although we would be oblivious to the world around us, we would also be safe from nuclear warfare and chemically created diseases.
Today in class we were asked to write a blog about something that interests us. For me that was easy, animals. They are all over and have unconditional love for their owner, but what happens when their owners try to hurt them? How would it feel to be in their shoes and feel lonely and abandoned, or worse hurt and abused? I think it so completely sick that some people feel pleasure at the expense of some innocent animal. They are alive too, and they have feelings and emotions. Do you think its wrong that people kill each other? Isn't it the same principal with animals? I have no illusions that this will ever happen, but I would like to think that people should get the same punishment for slaughtering a dog than for killing a person. Why should it be any different just because they can't talk and we can, people say "oh their just animals" but aren't we. 
I have so many animals myself, and I know I would go ballistic if someone hurt any of them. I don't know if any of you readers out there have pets, and I don't know if you feel the same way I do, but even if you don't I hope you listen to my opinion and try to volunteer at an animal shelter or humane society. If you couldn't do that at least when you are looking for a new cat or dog please stop by a shelter. Everyone deserves a second chance, why shouldn't they. Now please watch this video with special thanks to Avril2rocks555 for posting this video. Also please comment your own thoughts and opinions on animal abuse.
What does it mean to be an innovator? How can someone be innovative? Innovation is to have new, fresh and different ideas. People who I find innovative are Steve Jobs, Martian Luther King Jr., and my eighth grade English teacher Mrs. Fields. They are people who think and see the world differently with new possibilities. This last couple days in class we have been defining the word "crazy." When people think of that world they most often think of serial killers and psychopaths, but lately in light of these new thoughts I have begun to realize that there is different kinds of crazy. Crazy means to see the world differently in ways others do not. I have decided that it is not a bad thing to be crazy, people who innovate are often considered crazy. And this is not a bad thing, because it is okay to be different and have your ideas change the world.
Here is link to my podcast video. Sorry I was unable to embed it. I am working on that problem and will hopefully have it resolved soon, but in the meantime please watch and give your comments. Also sorry the little animals look so angry all the time.
When creating a podcast one must first think of a topic to interest readers and begin brainstorming. A script should be created so each person who speaks knows exactly what and when they will be talking. Everyone should be given an individual task and stick to it to help the efficiancy of their group. After everyone is assigned their part and knows what they will be saying then it is time to record. Make sure to use the primary device to increase chances of the audio being legible and pleasuralbe to hear. If desired one might pair pictures to accompany the audio to create more understanding of the listener. While the audio is being recorded make sure there is absolute silence so the speakers are not interrupted. This will eliminate background noise and allow the speaker to speak freely without fear of interuption. After audio is recorded you may add sound effects or music as wanted or needed to your podcast. When finished with all this you may then publish your podcast live for listeners everywhere to hear, learn fro
Clean oil? What is clean oil and is there even such a thing? Clean oil is oil mined in an "ecofriendly way" if there was such a thing. I am completely against the new oil pipeline. I know it will help the economy by creating new jobs, but is damaging our already fragile ecosystem really worth it. Money should be spent on creating new ways to manage sun power and wind mills. We as humans can only destroy so much before karma comes back and gets us. The United States should be the first country to make a stance against polluting our earth. If we stand by and do nothing, nothing will be done. We are the next generation and we can start by making a difference. I believe that if we don't stop pollution and global warming things will happen  like in the movie "The Day After Tommorow" and no one wants that. If we do nothing the earth will have to correct itself somehow, so lets make a change and save our home.