The reasources I plan to and already am using include sites like used to embed documents on my site. I also might use Frames to create videos for story summarys and important moments. Also another site I used was the crossword-puzzle maker wedsite to create my crossword for the Halloween Tree vocabulary. I am also using for the important research of his life. There are also many other sites I plan to use and some I have yet to discover.
Yay, today we got a new dog. My annoying sister ,Katniss, wanted to name him Rusty, but his name is Kripto. He is the most adorable puppy ever! He doesn't do much right now expect eat and sleep. So he is kind of boring. But I don't mind all that much because he is so cute to look at. Yesterday he ate one of the little mechanical cleaning mice. I hope he doesn't get sick or anything, I couldn't stand it if anything happened to him.