What does it mean to be an innovator? How can someone be innovative? Innovation is to have new, fresh and different ideas. People who I find innovative are Steve Jobs, Martian Luther King Jr., and my eighth grade English teacher Mrs. Fields. They are people who think and see the world differently with new possibilities. This last couple days in class we have been defining the word "crazy." When people think of that world they most often think of serial killers and psychopaths, but lately in light of these new thoughts I have begun to realize that there is different kinds of crazy. Crazy means to see the world differently in ways others do not. I have decided that it is not a bad thing to be crazy, people who innovate are often considered crazy. And this is not a bad thing, because it is okay to be different and have your ideas change the world.  

Here is link to my podcast video. Sorry I was unable to embed it. I am working on that problem and will hopefully have it resolved soon, but in the meantime please watch and give your comments. Also sorry the little animals look so angry all the time.
When creating a podcast one must first think of a topic to interest readers and begin brainstorming. A script should be created so each person who speaks knows exactly what and when they will be talking. Everyone should be given an individual task and stick to it to help the efficiancy of their group. After everyone is assigned their part and knows what they will be saying then it is time to record. Make sure to use the primary device to increase chances of the audio being legible and pleasuralbe to hear. If desired one might pair pictures to accompany the audio to create more understanding of the listener. While the audio is being recorded make sure there is absolute silence so the speakers are not interrupted. This will eliminate background noise and allow the speaker to speak freely without fear of interuption. After audio is recorded you may add sound effects or music as wanted or needed to your podcast. When finished with all this you may then publish your podcast live for listeners everywhere to hear, learn fro
Clean oil? What is clean oil and is there even such a thing? Clean oil is oil mined in an "ecofriendly way" if there was such a thing. I am completely against the new oil pipeline. I know it will help the economy by creating new jobs, but is damaging our already fragile ecosystem really worth it. Money should be spent on creating new ways to manage sun power and wind mills. We as humans can only destroy so much before karma comes back and gets us. The United States should be the first country to make a stance against polluting our earth. If we stand by and do nothing, nothing will be done. We are the next generation and we can start by making a difference. I believe that if we don't stop pollution and global warming things will happen  like in the movie "The Day After Tommorow" and no one wants that. If we do nothing the earth will have to correct itself somehow, so lets make a change and save our home.
Hope is considered one of the most important things in this world. Without hope some people have given up on life and everything in it, but those who hold it and except it can accomplish anything. It is good to have hopes and expectations for the future it helps you get up in the morning and say "today will be a good day." Some of my hopes for the future is to get into a good college and them after an ecceptional vet school where I can earn my degree. Then I would hope to sometime reach the point of owning my own exotic vet clinic and adoption agency. I would like to call it "Paws, Claws, and Tails Exotic Vet." This is my hope and I would like to hear how you feel about it along with your own hopes and expectaions for your own future.

    This week we had to create a deleted scene for the novel by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451. I thought and thought about what to have in my scene and finally decided to do it about when Faber goes to Montags house to drop off the books. Then I couldn't decide on what type of multimedia to use to create my scene. One of my friends made an ebook which was really cool and interesting but I had no idea what to do. Finally I decided to use Pixton, an edmodo app, to create this deleted scene. Then I had to write my script and brainstorm ideas for my creation. 
    Lastly I wrote down the standards incorporated in this assignment. Throught all my hard work and thoughts I was able to create a finished assignment for my class. I was very proud of my finished product. If you would like to check it out please vist my Weekly Digital Assigment page and comment your thoughts good or bad about it on this blog.
    Last week I participated in a field trip to sea camp. Several other student and I traveled to San Diego to stay on an island for three days. During that time we had many fun experiences. On the first day we boogie boarding which was a lot of fun. We had to wear wet suits because the water was so cold. Also we went snorkeling which was very interesting, we learned lots about marine animals. There were two giant sea hares that we saw with their eggs. They are now one of my favorite animals.  We also had many labs where we dissected fish and squid. I learned many different things about the different species and their latin names.
    Another thing we did was tide pooling which was really cool. I found an octopus and many starfish and other interesting animals. I learned starfish can regrow limbs into other starfish. On the last day we went to Sea World which was a nice end to an awesome trip.