Today in class we were asked to write a blog about something that interests us. For me that was easy, animals. They are all over and have unconditional love for their owner, but what happens when their owners try to hurt them? How would it feel to be in their shoes and feel lonely and abandoned, or worse hurt and abused? I think it so completely sick that some people feel pleasure at the expense of some innocent animal. They are alive too, and they have feelings and emotions. Do you think its wrong that people kill each other? Isn't it the same principal with animals? I have no illusions that this will ever happen, but I would like to think that people should get the same punishment for slaughtering a dog than for killing a person. Why should it be any different just because they can't talk and we can, people say "oh their just animals" but aren't we. 
I have so many animals myself, and I know I would go ballistic if someone hurt any of them. I don't know if any of you readers out there have pets, and I don't know if you feel the same way I do, but even if you don't I hope you listen to my opinion and try to volunteer at an animal shelter or humane society. If you couldn't do that at least when you are looking for a new cat or dog please stop by a shelter. Everyone deserves a second chance, why shouldn't they. Now please watch this video with special thanks to Avril2rocks555 for posting this video. Also please comment your own thoughts and opinions on animal abuse.

04/11/2013 8:10pm

This is a amazing topic to blog about. You were right with everything you said! It really is sad how people would do this to animals. I'm totally against animal abuse as well.


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